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The G-Flight is a portable jump performance measuring device. Using newtonian physics, machine processing and micro-sensor technology, we are able to provide coaches and athletes an easy to use device that allows for immediate, objective feedback.

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Download the Manual. 


More info:

Reliability of the gFlight Compared to Force Plates by Alec Genter, B.S. and Drake Berberet, B.S can be downloaded here.

A detailed write up on the gFlight can be accessed (internal validation) here.

A review of why jump heights between devices may vary (reach versus displacement) can be downloaded here Time In Air (Pressure vs Beam)

A Correction Equation for Jump Height Measured Using the Just Jump System can be found here.

Here is Cost Analysis of current devices versus the gFlight

Device Jump Height GCT RSI External Display App Price
gFlight Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes $399
Force Plate Yes Yes Yes No No (3,000 - 20,000)
ChronoJump Yes Yes Yes No NA Depends on additional equipment
OptoJump Yes Yes Yes No Computer $5,895
MuscleLab Contact Grid Yes Yes Yes No No $2,750
Fusion Sport SMART Jump Yes Yes Yes No iPad $1,300
Swift EZE Jump Yes Yes Yes No Yes $1,000
Innervations Contact Mat Yes Yes Yes No Computer $720
Just Jump Mat Yes Yes W/added chip Yes W/added chip Yes No $620
Vertec Yes No No No No $619