The gSprint is our answer to a cost effective sprint timing tool. Our base version has the following specs:

  • an optical AND pushbutton start

  • audible start and stop buzzers

  • optical finish

  • range 300+ yards

  • bluetooth connectivity.

Price for a base unit with bluetooth under $1000? How'd we do it?

What's in the base package:

  • Control unit RX

  • Start gate TX

  • Finish gate RX/TX

  • 2 Tripods


Battery Update: As of August 2018 we will no longer ship devices with batteries due to domestic and foreign shipping and import restrictions/regulations. Batteries are classified as “dangerous goods” which subsequently got the devices classified as dangerous goods. gSprints are fun, not dangerous unless your times are out of this world!

Be a part of how we are changing exercise science technology that will be accessible to people of all budgets.

Download the manual.