Following in our quest to provide tools for assessments, we developed the gStrength. What started as a request turned into a tool with a wide range of possibilities and uses.



The gStrength is designed to be used in-line with various attachments such as lat bars, squat belts, hang boards, single handles and whatever else you can find. Below you will find a sampling of the uses and what you can test/assess. Combined with a serial reader app, you will be able to record your sessions, compare sessions and export data to be used in various other programs and tools.


Hamstring Strength

Testing isometric strength of the hamstrings at a specific muscle length. Testing can be done as often as needed. Differences in strength between the right and left leg can be used to assess asymmetries and risk of injury. Changes in strength over the course of a season can help indicate unwanted fatigue.

Hamstring testing can also be an excellent tool for rehabilitation and return to play. Specific changes can be tracked over the course of training to help measure progress.


maximal lower body strength

Isometric bilateral belt squat testing or mid-thigh pull testing can be used as a safe means to measure maximal lower body strength. Daily or weekly assessments can be used to help measure the readiness of an athlete, as well as the specific changes caused by the training program. Other derived qualities, such as rate of force development, sustainment of force and repeat force outputs can be used to help guide training.


Overhead Strength

Overhead isometric testing is an excellent tool to help identify specific imbalances between arms and the strength ratio between flexion and extension. Assessment can be used to mimic specific tests, such as the ASH test. However, creative testing in different positions is up to the coach or practitioner.


Camp4 Human Performance

The Gstrength500 is a one of a kind athlete assessment tool that every serious coach needs. The portability and accuracy of the unit allows coaches in any sport to measure force over time at critical joint angles. This gives the strength and conditioning professional the tools necessary to create the most prescriptive programming possible. When it comes to sports science tech Exsurgo is changing the rules of the game. 

-Tyler Nelson DC, MS, CSCS, Camp4 Human Performance. @C4HP


Tech Specs:

  • 700kg max capacity

  • Stainless steel hardware contained in an ABS reinforced 3d printed case

  • 32 bit 48kHz processor

  • sampling rate of 80-90ms which is more than 10x a second

  • BLE 4.o support for iOs and Android

  • USB support for MAC or PC serial terminal connectivity

  • Download the Manual