Exsurgo gTech is a collection of devices designed to be cost-effective and give the trainer, athlete or anyone feedback on their training programs and methodologies. The concept is simple, "Does your training program work and how do you measure changes?" There are a lot of adaptations taking place but how can one measure them? There are a varied amount of tools on the market but these were designed to be cost-effective and accessible. As scientists, designers, engineers our self, we wanted to make sure we were staying respectful to the data and the users. They are working prototypes with new features being added as the need is discovered. Take a look below, read about them and get in touch if you want to know more or provide feedback. Want to help? Take look and drop a line.

Originally conceived of as an experiment in "Hooman Telemetry" to measure acceleration, gSprint was developed to understand running forces. Then it only made sense to know more and understand what was taking place during Olympic lifting which lead to the creation of the gPower. Through collaboration with other exercise scientists, specifically Max Schmarzo of Strong By Science, gFlight was developed. Now there are 3 tools that measure and provide feedback to what is taking place!


gFlight is a portable, accurate and affordable device to measure jump height. Take it to the park, the court, the gym, where ever you want and measure accurate height of client's jumps. Add in external resistance and measure again. Check yo hops!


gSprint is a field based testing tool to measure acceleration, deceleration and change of direction in athletes. By setting up a specific test case, having the athlete perform the test and reviewing the data, trainers can see clearly what is taking place. 

Check out the study done by Strong by Science on the gFlight. 


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