Fitness Development

Deciding to get in better shape can be difficult. Where do you begin? What are your goals? You want to perform better in everyday life, from picking up your kids to carrying groceries or BOTH! These tasks require strength, stamina and flexibility.

Exsurgo will give you a way to discover health and fitness, either for the first time or help you accomplish your next challenge!

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Lacrosse Instruction

You decided to play lacrosse and have no idea where to begin. You are on a team looking to raise your level of play but are lost among the numbers. This is your senior year and you are looking to stand out at recruiting events and tournaments.

Exsurgo will give you the instruction you want either privately or in a small group setting to help you discover your next level of play.

Performance Development

You train and train but are stuck at a plateau. There comes a time in all training where we struggle to find the next level, to find the next 10%. To reach the next level, to make the gains one needs to step up to the front takes research, knowledge and experience.

Exsurgo will give you a specialized, custom defined and refined program tailored to your specific needs to help you rise to the challenge.