Read what people have to say about our training programs and how we've been able to help them. We aren't just here to train you, we are here to  help you take your life back, to help you find new ways to do what you want to do. We can talk all day about what we can do for you, but read below to hear what others say about what we do. We always like to say "Let me know what we can do to help."

Greg Lutton is in a class by himself.  Of all the trainers I have worked with in my life, he's absolutely the most knowledgeable.  He is a student of of fitness, the body, and the mind.  He never stops learning and bettering himself. But it is his knowledge of people that makes him so incredibly talented and good.  He innately understands people's motivations, desires, and roadblocks.  And with that understanding, he is capable of unlocking potential that people don't even know that they have.  In the time that we worked together, I became stronger, more confident, and more brave.  At 50, I am 10x more fit than I was at 25.  The best part is that Greg is capable of helping you to become who you truly are - he doesn't work in any established aesthetic or pre-conceived notion of what anyone "should" be like.  If you have the chance to work with Greg, do it.  He will push you and pull you and help you to become the person that you want to be, inside and out. 

I spent a year with Greg rehabilitating an injury from two years prior. My leg was broken in 2 places along with nerve damage and extreme weight loss down to 90 pounds at age 18. I came to Greg after my last surgery looking for someone to help me get well again. Greg has helped me regain 90% of my mobility back and 20 pounds of muscle mass. Greg has not only helped me with my overall physical health and wellbeing, but he has shown me how to take care of my body for the rest of my life.

Greg’s knowledge, delivery and relevant knowledge from his vast coaching experience make him a personal training professional’s professional. My experience with Greg began with my recurring shoulder bursitis. Sports doctors told me they could alleviate it, not fix it, with surgery. Speaking to Greg, I was told it could be addressed with personal training. Having a long-experience with personal training, along with stories of unsuccessful surgeries, I naturally opted with training. I knew it’d be slow, but within weeks, I could lift my shoulder over my head with only slight discomfort. Within a few months, it’s as if it had never ocurred. Greg’s process was very calculated and methodical, and he explained every step along the way. His knowledge of anatomy, especially how it relates to sports and training, makes him stand out from all trainers I’ve had in the past. Greg also looked beyond the shoulder issue. As a former athlete, I shared my thoughts and concerns as I approach 60 and Greg modified and enhanced my training regimen to work towards the objectives I shared with him. He also dispelled and/or updated many antiquated fitness believes I’d grown up with.

Spending as much time as one will with a personal trainer, I got to know Greg personally. He is a modern-day renaissance man, whose intellectual curiosity is endless. Whether it be current events, the latest fitness wearable, pop culture or his past experience in high-tech, Greg makes for a great conversationalist. My only complaint about Greg is that he’s no longer in San Jose!

After meniscus surgery and two subsequent knee injuries that didn't require surgery, I was at a crossroads in my active life.  I was concerned whether my active lifestyle was going to be reduced to long walks and non impact activities like swimming and bike riding.  During a mild hike with family I met personal trainer, Greg Lutton.  At that time, Greg said I could have it all back again if I was willing to rehab it properly.  

I began my training sessions with Greg about a month later.   He made it a point to review my previous physical therapist's notes and incorporating recommended treatments into my weekly routine.  Greg's whole approach to helping me was to retrain my motor function for running, begin training with body weight exercises and gradually progress to increasing the strength of my legs through weight training.  In terms of rehabbing, his approach paid dividends within the first two months as I was able to jog, run around at the park with kids and play tennis without pain or limitations.  This guy knows the human body and how to rehab and train for performance. 

Throughout our time together, Greg has constantly monitored my progress, took copious notes on my performance and checked status of how my body felt every step of the way.   This attention to detail allowed Greg to make minor adjustments in my training to address little challenge that arose without sacrificing the major goals we established on day one.  

Bottom line - Greg Lutton has been an absolute blessing. He has been the chief catalyst in rehabbing my legs to the point that I can now return to my weekly running regiment.  He has also increased my overall  strength to 2-3 time to what it was allowing me to reach personal bests on many weight training exercises.  I have no doubt that he can work the same miracles for others.

Bonus Benefit - Greg was able to increase my strength and improve my form to be able to conquer a long time nemesis - the pull up.  I can now do seven pull ups at one time.  WooHoo!

Greg,  thanks for all the info and for investing in our kids.  Riley is really loving Lacrosse although he was a little under the weather headed towards a cold this week.  Brennan is playing for the Chiefs so for a few weeks they have games on Sunday.  He will be at practices though.  Likely both boys will be involved in some way this summer.

Take care,
Amy Smith

Thanks Coach,

Sorry the scrimmage didn't pan out but I appreciate the effort!! For Nic to jump in to participate says a lot about you as a coach. He is picky who he plays for and you've done a great job this session. The program is much improved through your leadership!!

We are signing up for the next round starting Nov 23... Thanks again for your hard work and dedication. 


Andy Smith

Thank you for all your hard work and high praise of our kids.

Thanks again for all you and your staff do to keep my son Miles busy and active.  He is loving it, as are we.

Thanks again for the extra time spent with Rhees today after the Game.

Thanks, Sean Kanemoto

Hi Greg,

Thank you for all of your hard work this summer.  Your passion for Lacrosse and teaching kids is readily apparent.  You did an excellent job of creating a fun, challenging and safe environment for a broad range of future Lacrosse stars.  Grant made significant improvements in his game and had a lot of fun doing so.  Thank you for making the Sportsplex a great place to hangout for Lacrosse crazy families like ours.  

The Cavans

Hello Coach Greg,

My son Owen Javier, who recently attended your camp last week, has signed up for the Fall Season of Lacrosse. First of all, thank you very much for giving him quite an impressionable and positive experience. Every day he had something to share in an enthusiastic manner.

I am excited about this upcoming season.

Robert Javier